Liberal Hypocrites Don’t Worry About Income Inequality

With liberals it is more about control.
Check it out:

As you recall at the end of the program yesterday we were in the midst of a discussion about the French socialist wacko economist by the name of Thomas Piketty, and who we have sound bites from today as well. Mr. Piketty’s premise is that there’s too much income inequality and that there’s too much wealth and the wealth is held in the hands of the same people forever and they don’t share it and they don’t pay people enough. All they do is just take and take and take and this leads to the end of democracy.

It’s a totally absurd premise. It’s a premise that has been tried in a remedial way to fix what people think are the gross unfairnesses and inequities of capitalism for decades and the idea that there’s some notion of equality that we can all be made to fit into, plugged into. We can all end up being the same people. We can all end up having pretty much the same stuff. And there’s only one way that can happen. And that is if we don’t have anything and our leaders have it all, and then they decide who among us gets what.

It’s frustrating, as it always is, because to me it is such common sense but it does take an open devotion to liberty and to freedom and an understanding of the consequences of individuality, rugged individualism and that freedom entails opportunity. It promises opportunity. It guarantees it, in fact, and it’s what you do with that opportunity that determines your outcome in life. And if you fail to exploit the opportunity you’re given, somehow we end up blaming the country. These people do. When the blame should fall squarely on the person who fails to seize the day.



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