How Does the Left Do It?

Liberals lie. It is in their nature.
Check it out:

Examples of this are many. Remember Lawrence Summers, who was the president of Harvard? They sent him packing. Do you remember why they sent him packing? He gave a speech in 2005, and he suggested that the reason that there were fewer women in science and engineering was due to a different availability of aptitude at the high end, and he had the data to prove it.

But because the data was unacceptable — even though it was factual, even though it was grades, it was performance, it was unassailable — he was gone. “Math class is hard.” Barbie even said it one day, the doll. Anyway, he had to go, because he had evil in his heart and hatred. I remember I appeared at the Sacramento Business Conference three months after he got sacked, and he was a speaker. He spoke at it.

He was in shellshock still, and he was trying to explain why what he really meant. I said, “You don’t have to tell me. I know exactly what. You got chopped off by the fascists.” He was up for Obama cabinet post and that was it. You know, that was, “No way. Not after that one comment that you made which happened to be rooted in truth.” But Larry Summers doesn’t hate women.

He’s a card-carrying leftist. He’s pro-choice and he doesn’t hate women. But that one comment allowed them to say he hated women. How about Dan Cathy, Chick-fil-A? Do you remember that? I mean, he likes the Bible. He was CEO, Dan Cathy. He opposed same-sex marriage, and remember what happened?

Now, there was a rally for him, because Christians came to his defense. Not Republicans, but there was a huge rally for him. The IRS scandal of the Tea Party? It’s all about keeping hatred out of politics, people, Tea Party. Is fascism. Pure and simple. Brendan Eich is not the CEO now of Mozilla for anything to do with gay marriage. That had nothing to do with it. He’s not the CEO of Mozilla because fascists won.



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