The Key to Ending ObamaCare

Electing conservatives is the best key.
Check it out:

The crowing by the Obama administration over getting 7 million people to sign up for mandatory health insurance—with some portion actually paying for it—will soon fade. The big picture will remain clear: Obamacare isn’t working. And Americans, who didn’t like Obamacare when the Democrats passed it four years ago, don’t like it now, don’t want it to remain, and doubt it can be fixed. But they also don’t much want to go back to the pre-Obamacare world.

According to Real Clear Politics, a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll of registered voters was the 111th consecutive poll to find more opposition to Obamacare than support for it. That poll—which was more favorable to Obamacare than most—found 48 percent support for Obamacare, 50 percent opposition to it, and a 12-point deficit for it among those who feel “strongly” (27 to 39 percent). A recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey found that, by a tally of 49 to 35 percent, respondents judged Obamacare a “bad idea” rather than a “good idea.”



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