John Boehner Suffers from “Electile Dysfunction”

This is absolutely genius.
Check it out:

A new provocative Campaign spot released in the battleground state of Ohio today asks the question: Does John Boehner suffer from ‘electile dysfunction’?

The ad suggests that electile dysfunction could be a question of blood flow.

“Sometimes, when a politician has been in D.C. too long, it goes to his head,” the announcer says as clips flash on-screen of John Boehner laughing with President Obama, John Boehner on the golf course with Obama, and John Boehner smiling while giving Obama a glowing “thumbs up” at the State of the Union address.

The ad – which is titled “When the Moment is Right” – is a spoof of Cialis commercials which air during 60 Minutes and other network programming.

Facing a questionable re-election back home for the first time in 23 years, Speaker Boehner is being challenged by a Tea Party candidate who paid for the ad.



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