Immigration and ‘The Jobs Americans Won’t Do’

The reason Americans won’t do these jobs is because their government pays them more to sit at home. Stop paying them to sit at home and you’ll see the biggest stimulus in the history of the country.
Check it out:

For years, the cheap-labor lobby has told us: Immigrants are doing the work Americans simply will not do! We’re tired of people who know nothing about our business telling us to pay our workers more. Where are they when beds are unmade? Where are they when crops are rotting in the field? It’s not about how much we pay them per hour! Americans don’t want these jobs.

But in last week’s New York Times story about multimillionaire farmers who need taxpayer-subsidized cheap labor, the Times lost focus and forgot to lie. In one blockbuster sentence, the paper admitted that, last year, “the diminished supply of workers led average farm wages in the region to increase by roughly $1 an hour.”

I believe we have an Earth-shattering revelation there! In other words, people were willing to do the work — as soon as wages were raised. So, apparently, employers were not exploring every option to get workers, such as, for example, paying their employees ONE DOLLAR MORE.

In a catastrophic blunder of epic proportions, the New York Times had inadvertently stumbled across the laws of supply and demand.



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