Which Idiot Crackpot is More Dangerous?

Liberals are very dangerous in power.
Check it out:

I’ve been wondering here, folks, whose comments are more idiotic? And whose comments, in fact, are not only just more idiotic, but more dangerous: Donald Sterling’s or John Kerry’s? We mentioned what Kerry said about Israel becoming an apartheid state. It turns out that that was a private meeting, and some reporter from The Daily Beast got past all the security at the Trilateral Commission — whoa — and recorded it, and now they’re all apoplectic. It was a private comment to the conspirators at the Trilateral Commission. The world wasn’t supposed to hear that.

Yes, it was. That’s where Kerry’s being honest. That’s where Kerry’s telling the world what the Regime thinks of Israel. And what Kerry said was outrageous. There are Arabs in the Israeli government. They are elected. They’re in the Knesset. I mentioned it yesterday. It’s not only ridiculous and outrageous, it’s stupid, what John Kerry said. And now he said (paraphrasing), “Well, you know, if I could rewind the tape I would say it all over again in a different way.”

But of course there was no outrage when they caught Mitt Romney in private and his 47% comment. And this Donald Sterling stuff was in private and has been made public. But they’re only concerned about John Kerry’s private comments being made public and how outrageous that is. I’m just gonna tell you something, folks. While this country gets absorbed — and I gotta tell you something, Bernie Goldberg last night was on with Megyn Kelly on Fox. And Bernie Goldberg made a great point about all this, this Sterling business.

He said (paraphrasing), “Take a look at the reaction to it. There is no way this is a racist country. There’s not one shred of tolerance for what this guy said, might have said, might be thinking. There isn’t one shred of tolerance. There’s no way this is a racist country.” He’s exactly right about that. But the Democrat Party strategizes using race. It’s all they’ve got for voter turnout coming up in the November midterms. But you’ll notice that the Drive-By Media is still totally absorbed and devoted on what Donald Sterling said, and they’re doing their best to sweep John Kerry’s comments under the rug and pay no attention to them whatsoever.

I mean, in the big scheme of things what difference does it make if a crackpot owns an NBA team? It’s a pretty important thing if we have a crackpot running the State Department. And we do. And we got a crackpot at the Department of Justice, and we got a crackpot in the White House. We got crackpots throughout this Regime.



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