Hyphenated Americans and Immigration

Liberals love to point of the differences.
Check it out:

The people like you and your ancestors and all of our ancestors, when they came to this country they came here for two reasons, essentially. The first was to escape wherever they were. The second was to become Americans, and to become an American meant something specific.

There was a distinct, unique American culture, and people wanted to be part of it. So let’s take your case. Italian-Americans came, and they became Americans. They held on to their traditions and there were Little Italys in various cities around and all the vestiges. But they were Americans first, not Italians first. And they were not demanding that America change to accommodate what they had brought with them.

They changed to fit into what America was.

They essentially were assimilating into a distinct American culture that they craved to be part of. And you, sir, are an active, living demonstration of it. You here are an Italian, but your loyalty is not to Italians; it’s to the country and what you think is best for the country. That allows you to understand that even though he’s Italian, Andrew Cuomo may not be the best thing going, or that Bill de Blasio may not be the best thing going, or anybody else that you happen to mention.

You’re able to draw a distinction and you’re not blinded by any kind of nationalistic loyalty other than to America. What’s happening to immigration now is there is no desire to assimilate. People want to get here and get in on the gravy train however they define it, work or welfare. But they are coming here and demanding that America accommodate their culture and change. The left in this country’s perfectly happy with that, because they blame America for all the world’s ills anyway, and they say, “It’s only fair that we must change and accommodate all these different cultures because that equals the melting pot,” and it doesn’t.



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