Holder Cries Racism at Sharpton Confab

Do liberals just say racism for the fun of it anymore?
Check it out:

You know who got bullied yesterday was Eric Holder. Eric Holder. Yes, he got bullied by a racist, Louie Gohmert. That’s the spin on that story yesterday from none other than Holder. Holder showed up… Here you’ve got a guy, Al Sharpton, who has this group called the National Action Network, which exists because of racist shakedowns of businesses, racial shakedowns.

And here’s the Reverend Sharpton who may or may not have been an informant. The latest we have here is that he was caught by the FBI dealing or using cocaine seven months before any mob ties developed and that he was flipped into a mob informant because he faced the cocaine business. Anyway, he has an undeniable criminal past and criminal linkage.

So they asked President Obama, “Well, what are you doing going there?”

“Oh, no, no. We don’t pay attention to what happened in the past. That’s irrelevant. The history doesn’t matter. This is wonderful event, and we respect Reverend Sharpton immediately and totally. What happened in the past, that doesn’t matter.”

“Oh, so what Bush did in his eight years doesn’t matter then?

“Well, no, not exactly. What Bush did is all that matters. But what the Reverend Sharpton did? No, no. That’s of no concern.

From the Washington Examiner: “Obama Unconcerned About Al Sharpton’s History with the FBI and the Mafia.” I’m telling you, it’s a fitting place for Holder to make his remarks about Louie Gohmert. Wherever this was, whatever hotel Sharpton’s meeting is held at, it’s “the house that racial shakedowns built.” The National Action Network is the house that racial shakedowns built. And it was happening at the same time the Reverend Jackson was conducting similar business for the Monochrome Coalition.



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