This Guy Accused Us Of Being Misleading. Only Problem? He Agrees Our Research Is Accurate.

Liberals hate it when facts get in their way.
Check it out:

He admits that the data is correct and that what it shows—that the federal income tax is highly progressive—is also correct.
So what’s the problem?

Our chart looks exclusively at federal income taxes in the context of the current debate over whether the rich should pay more of that tax. Yglesias thinks that, when considering this issue, it is more appropriate to look at the progressivity of all taxes Americans pay, including federal income taxes, payroll taxes, and state and local taxes.

Just because this chart doesn’t account for those other taxes doesn’t make it misleading.

President Obama started the debate about raising the federal income tax on the rich way back when he was still a candidate for the presidency. And his support for higher income taxes on the wealthy continues today—check out his latest budget as an example. One of his arguments in favor of that policy was that the rich don’t pay enough income tax compared to lower earners.



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