Why are we always looking to punish law abiding citizens instead of lawbreakers?
Check it out:

On April 6th, Lynda Voyles-Konecny said concealed carry allows her to be better armed than her son who was 100 feet from the Fort Hood shooter on April 2nd. She is asking Congress to change this.

According to Huntsville, Alabama’s WHNT 19, Voyles-Konecny said military personnel “defend us overseas, but they’re defenseless at bases.”

She continued, “They’re trained. They know the rules of engagement, we send them off to war, they have their guns, they come home, and then [their guns are] taken away from them on their home bases.”

Voyles-Konecny said every member of her family carries a concealed handgun for self-defense, except her son who is in harm’s way via his military service. She added, “I think we should have a dialogue to find out why and where we can improve. I think we need to have a defense where you have at least two officers that can be armed in all buildings on all military installations.”

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