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In her new autobiography, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) reiterates claims that her parents “eloped” despite the existence of a marriage certificate and contemporaneous press accounts of their wedding.

Although the subject caused her a major headache during her 2012 campaign for Senate, Warren devotes less than 1,500 words in the book to her claims of Native American heritage. But the account also includes a subtle, but notable, shift in how she describes what happened when her parents were married in 1932.

In 2012, Warren began saying that her parents had been forced to elope because her father’s parents opposed their son marrying a woman with Native American ancestry.

For instance, May 31, 2012 she told the Boston Globe:

In the 1930s, when my parents got married, these were hard issues. My father’s family so objected to my mother’s Native American heritage that my mother told me they had to elope. [emphasis added]

William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection noted at the time that this was the first time then-candidate Warren had ever publicly claimed her parents had eloped and told the story of their purported elopement as well as the motivations she claimed were behind it.

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