Elite Leftists Dislike the Constitution

Liberals want more power, not less.
Check it out:

The purpose of the Constitution is to limit the scope of government in people’s lives. People like Obama don’t like that, and he doesn’t. They want the Constitution to be something that spells out what the government can do to people. (They would say “for” people, but “to” really bothers them.) So when you get into a discussion, say, “Okay, of the first 10 amendments, which does the left stand for expanding?”

There are not many. They’re not for free speech. They’re not for freedom association. They don’t want you hanging around with people they don’t approve of. They don’t approve of the Second Amendment at all. Religious freedom? They don’t believe in at all. They are fighting to expand dependency and restrict freedom, restrict individual freedom.

They fought hard and are continuing to fight hard to forbid a free market in insurance policies for health care. On the other hand, they are desperate for a free market in marijuana. They really want one. They would love for the government to get involved in marijuana, in fact, and license it and produce it and tax it. Until the taxes got too high, then they would join us in that.

Now, the idea of the Supreme Court was to make sure the rights established by the Constitution were preserved. That is one of the many intended purposes of the Supreme Court. But now the left even tries to use the Supreme Court to do the exact opposite of that, and that is to enforce their view on the restrictions of individual freedom that they support.

They’re threatened by it. They are threatened by freedom. They’re threatened by freedom of thought, freedom of expression, freedom of religion. They’re threatened by it. Stop. Do you care? Are you secure in your life? Do you care enough? As long as nobody is trying to tell you what you can’t do, say, or think, do you care what anybody else does?

When you get right down to it, you got the moral code. You hope that people obey the law, this kind of thing. But none of you run around demanding everybody agree with you about everything. You’re not demanding everybody live their life the way you live yours. You’re not demanding that people not do what you don’t like. I mean, if somebody wants to smoke, they can. Fine.

As long as they’re not in your presence, you don’t care, for the most part. But that’s not who they are.



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