‘Electile Dysfunction’ Ad Costs Boehner Challenger His Job

Really? The ad was clever and funny. It’s a shame that some people just have to be stubborn about getting things done right.
Check it out:

A Tea Party candidate challenging House Speaker John Boehner got a few chuckles, and a lot of Internet views, with a recent raunchy campaign ad about “electile dysfunction” — but the spot has cost him one of his day jobs.

J.D. Winteregg, one of two candidates running against Boehner in the Republican primary for Ohio’s 8th District, got into trouble with Cedarville University, a Baptist school in Ohio where he taught as an adjunct professor. He confirmed to FoxNews.com that his contract was not renewed, on the heels of that ad.

He said he was contacted by a supervisor who informed him his contract would lapse because the commercial “did not correspond with university values.”

The commercial, titled “When the Moment is Right,” parodies erectile dysfunction commercials and urges Ohioans to cure their “electile dysfunction” by voting out Boehner.



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