The Dumbest Predictions From Earth Day Founders

The wackos only care about control and not about the environment.
Check it out:

The original Earth Day was proposed at the 1969 United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Conference in San Francisco by peace activist John McConnell and supported by UN Secretary General U Thant to honor peace on earth and the first day of spring on March 21, 1970.

Earth Day was hijacked a month later by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson (D-WI) as a day for environmental and social injustice teach-ins on April 22, 1970 (Lenin’s birthday).

This year’s UN celebration, to be held in 192 countries, is titled “Mother Earth Day,” because according to the U.N. “Mother Earth” is a fairly common phrase: “Bolivians call Mother Earth ‘Pachamama’ and Nicaraguans refer to her as ‘Tonantzin.’”

Over the last 44 years Earth Day has often been hijacked by political opportunists and faux scientists, but it is great fun to look back and see just how wrong the original Earth Day environmental experts were about the science and the future:

“Air pollution… is certainly going to take hundreds of thousands of lives in the next few years alone.” Paul Ehrlich, Stanford University biologist

“The world has been chilling sharply for about twenty years. If present trends continue, the world will be about four degrees colder for the global mean temperature in 1990, but eleven degrees colder in the year 2000. This is about twice what it would take to put us into an ice age.” Kenneth Watt, Ecologist



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