Disarming Citizens Fails Again

Liberals put up their signs and claim this is a “safe” zone. But over and over again criminals laugh at them and hurt us.

When will we learn this is not the answer? The only way to stop evil is to face it down. Sweet talk and saying pretty please won’t work. Allowing law abiding citizens to arm themselves will scare criminals into thinking twice before attempting such atrocities and when they do we will be able to stop them early on instead of when many are hurt.

Check it out:

Twenty people — many of them students — were injured Wednesday morning at Franklin Regional High School, where a student armed with two knives began stabbing people just before the start of the school day, Murrysville police said.

Eight patients — one adult and seven between the ages of 15 and 17 — were taken to Forbes Hospital in Monroeville. Two of the teenage patients were in critical but stable condition, said Dr. Mark Rubino, the hospital’s chief medical officer.

Five other patients were taken to UPMC East, also in Monroeville. Four more went to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, and one each went to UPMC Presbyterian UPMC Mercy and Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh.



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