The Democrats’ Equal Pay Hypocrisy

Liberals love to try and keep us divided.
Check it out:

So now here comes Barack Obama and a couple of executive orders to all of a sudden equalize the pay that women get in America. Because don’t you know, for go on 20 years now, women only make 77¢ for every $1 that men make. There’s been no progress on this issue for 20 years! The Democrats drag this issue out just as they drag out the minimum wage.

It is in the hopper. It’s in the playbook (it’s an early page) and whenever they get in trouble they bring it out. Now they’re in trouble with Obamacare, so it’s time for a distraction. “Try to further the War on Women!” None of it’s real. It’s all smoke and mirrors because the place where women are paid less than men the greatest is in the Obama White House, and before that it was the Clinton White House!

It’s the Democrats once again projecting on the Republicans what they, the Democrats, are doing. The Democrats are paying women less than men. That’s ignored. They come around and they act like it is a fault of America. It is a problem rooted in what? “American freedom! American capitalism! You let this unfettered, unregulated capitalism go, and the natural hatred for women — harbored by Republicans — will be shown in how little they are paid.”

That’s the message. All the while, they are the ones underpaying women. In Obama’s case, it’s not just underpaying them. It’s understaffing. For the longest time Obama didn’t have any significant women in his inner circle, outside of Valerie Jarrett and Michelle (My Belle). Dick Durbin? Dick Durbin’s out there making a lot of noise about this pay disparity, about how unfortunate it is, about how mean-spirited America is, how rotten to the core America is, how unfair America is.



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