The Democrats are Deluding Themselves

When you believe a lie, anything becomes possible for your fake reality.
Check it out:

Hey, somebody help me out here. I might have missed it, as I was in transit yesterday. Did any of the Republican leadership respond to Obama’s despicable lies about Obamacare yesterday? (interruption) There wasn’t? There wasn’t any Republican response to that? You gotta be kidding me. I was flying to — well, I was in transit. I had it on the television and I’m watching this.

I’m heading up to a celebratory occasion, I’m watching this thing, and it’s ticking me off, this Rose Garden thing. I mean, here you’ve got Obamacare, which is mandatory under penalty of law, and they’re all out there celebrating that 7.1 million people have signed up, which is not true. They can’t back it up. It’s a phony number, as said yesterday. It’s been documented by the UK Daily Mail Online and the RAND Corporation.

But they’re out there celebrating. Mandatory, it ought to be 200 million sign-ups. The deadline was March 31st. It’s mandatory. Either that or you pay a penalty and go to jail. They’re out celebrating and there’s not one Republican response to this? (interruption) You mean I missed the brilliant stem-winder responses from Republican leaders? Or there weren’t any brilliant stem-winders? So what, are they leaving it up to me? (interruption) As usual, leaving it up to the Tea Party.



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