Democrat: NRA More Obscene Than Hustler Mag

What is obscene is setting up these safe zones for outlaws to shoot up people.
Check it out:

On April 4th, Democrat Congressional candidate Mike Dickinson sent a tweet suggesting the NRA is more obscene that Hustler magazine.
Dickinson tweeted: “What’s obscene to you? @HustlerMag or a group like the @NRA that supports trophy hunting and elephant killing?”

He followed this with an early morning April 5th tweet referring to the NRA as “a god awful fear mongering group” and said those who support the NRA are “pure trash.”

According to The Examiner, Dickinson went on a similar rant in February, referring to gun owners as “little children” and calling for firearm registration. At the same time, Dickinson described the NRA as “descendants of the KKK,” but he was quickly informed that the KKK was a movement tied to Democrat efforts to prevent black Republicans from voting them out of power.



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