Dem Lawmaker: Members of Congress Aren’t Paid Enough

Wow. How out of touch does it get? Maybe we should get back to a citizen congress and not pay them and maybe we’ll get some people who want to be there.
Check it out:

This strikes me as one of the most tone deaf things I’ve heard a politician say in a while. Forget the millions of Americans who’ve lost their health insurance, many of whom will have to forgo coverage altogether because their “new” and “better” plans are too expensive. Forget the poor. Forget the long-term unemployed. Forget the recent college graduates drowning in student loan debt. Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) thinks members of Congress deserve a raise — i.e., more taxpayer dollars so they can keep up appearances and “live decently in Washington.”

Newsflash: members of Congress earn an annual salary of $174,000. Is that really not enough?



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