Database to Prevent Future Crime

And here I thought stereotypes weren’t politically correct.
Check it out:

A new program in the state of Louisiana has been assembled to compile details on all its residents, then identify any “individual who is going to be at risk of incarceration down the road,” or in other ways be a problem.

The alarming idea of a state compiling dossiers that would be used by authorities to decide which lives should have the intervention of the state has been revealed in a video posted online by The People LLC, a small activist group in the state.

The video shows Rep. Chris Broadwater, a Republican, talking about the state’s original plan to try to crack down on fraud in worker’s compensation claims.

“When we built our system we decided instead of providing agency specific solutions, [we would] create a centralized data warehouse,” he said.

That, he said, allows each state agency to send all data in, and cross check that information.

The result is a “comprehensive person profile” – on everyone.



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