Cummings Caught in Cahoots with Lerner

Cummings needs to go to jail.
Check it out:

Twenty-one sexists voted to hold her in contempt and 12 reasonable, nice, nonjudgmental Democrats voted “no.” This means, ladies and gentlemen, that she can be arrested, if Darrell Issa chooses to do this. Not only can she be arrested, she can be detained by the House of Representatives after having been voted in contempt.

That is not insignificant. Some people may think that’s just the latest political maneuver, and, who knows, and it might well be. But it is not insignificant to be held in contempt of Congress. This whole Lois Lerner thing, everything that we suspected has turned out to be true. She was in league with the administration to harm the Tea Party, using the power of the IRS to deny them tax-exempt status and therefore political free speech.

She was working in connection with Elijah Cummings, who’s the ranking Democrat for the Congressional Black Caucasians. He’s the ranking Democrat on the committee. She was working with him to sabotage an organization called True the Vote. That’s the organization run by Catherine Engelbrecht, I believe out of Texas. That was an anti-voter fraud effort she was engaged in, and the Democrats did not want that shut down.

They did not grant her tax-exempt status so she couldn’t get into gear, couldn’t raise money and get to work. It turns out that Lois Lerner was sharing details of True the Vote with Elijah Cummings ’cause he was asking for it and back and forth. So now we know why Elijah Cummings was supposedly erupting spontaneously all those times during committee hearings.

It was simply to make sure that whenever anything was headed his way, that it got deflected. And, of course, he threw down the race card as well at one point. We’ve got audio sound bites backing this up. She can be arrested now, and there’s even an e-mail that’s been uncovered that she sent that if things broke down, she could always go work for Podesta.



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