We have to win this war.
Check it out:

The increasingly open “civil war” now raging between a Republican establishment that favors big government and members of the Tea Party is a necessary evil that will eventually force the GOP back to its limited government principles, conservative leaders say.

“This is part of a literally 102-year-old civil war that’s been going on in the Republican Party since 1912, when Teddy Roosevelt leaves the Republican Party, splits the party, starts the Bull Moose Party, which leads directly to Woodrow Wilson’s election with less than 42 percent of the vote,” Conservative HQ chairman Richard Viguerie told CNSNews.com.

“It’s a major fault line in the Republican Party and it’s been coming to a head since 2009, when the Tea Party was launched,” he added. “Even though the Republicans in the House owe their majority status to the Tea Party, they want it to do what they did, which is to change once they got to Washington.

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