How Common Core Affects Our National Security

With the dumbing down of our society, we can expect others to overtake us. Common Core makes sure we raise dumb kids.
Check it out:

According to a report released by Mission Readiness, a non-partisan national security organization of senior retired military leaders calling for smart investments in America’s Children, nearly 75 percent of Americans aged 17 to 24 do not meet one or more of the basic qualifications to join our nation’s armed forces. That is a staggering number and should give all of us pause.

Although a wide variety of reasons exist as to why these young adults do not fulfill the requirements for enlistment, the report makes clear that one of the biggest obstacles is the failure of our schools to prepare them academically. Mission Readiness found that not only are too many young people failing to graduate, many of those who do graduate lack the foundational skills necessary to take their place in the military or the modern workforce.



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