From Cheese to Aliens: The 6 Best Questions from Kimmel’s Interview with Bill Clinton

Obama puts the Clinton lies to shame, but how can we believe the Silver Medalist of lying Presidents on anything?
Check it out:

After spending some time with the full Clinton family last week in Arizona, Jimmy Kimmel sat down with former President Bill Clinton Wednesday night for an extended interview that covered a wide range of topics. While things did not get nearly as awkward as they did during Kimmel’s seminal interviews with Kanye West or Rob Ford, it was an equally entertaining three segments of late night television.

Below are the six best questions Kimmel asked Clinton during the interview:

1. “Which do you miss more, being president or cheese?”
2. “How do you get young people to do anything at all?”
3. “If I was president — and I won’t be, let’s be honest — the first thing I would do after putting my hand on that Bible and taking that oath to serve the country is — I probably wouldn’t even finish the oath. I would run to the White House and demand to see all the classified files on the UFOs. Because I’d want to know what is going on. Did you do that?”



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