Carneys Shown Living an Idyllic Life That Liberals Mock

Liberals are people too. Just ones that lie about everything.
Check it out:

The latest Washingtonian magazine — I don’t think it’s a cover story. It’s a puff piece on Jay Carney, the White House spokesman, his wife, Claire Shipman. Have you seen this? (interruption) You haven’t seen this? Well, I’m glad you haven’t. I need to tell you about this because, A, there’s a lot of photography, a lot of pictures in this story. But Claire Shipman, it’s key to understand something about her. Claire Shipman, the current wife of Jay Carney, used to be married when she was much younger, 19 years ago, to the Moscow bureau chief, I think he was, for CNN, Steve Hurst. They were both stationed there.

Now, there is Soviet propaganda posters in their kitchen, in their house, in the Carneys’ house. Carney himself is a scholar on Soviet studies and eastern European this and that. And it may not be coincidental that there is an emotional attachment to the old Soviet Union here. But the thing that strikes me, it’s mainly a story about Claire Shipman, about how she balances work with her two adorably beautiful children in their fashionable, perfect suburban home.

It is everything the Democrat Party stands against. It is everything the Democrat Party condemns. The Democrat Party says this is not possible anymore, that people that want to have a lifestyle like this essentially want to go back to the Ozzie and Harriet days of the fifties. That’s not possible anymore, they say, because the country’s changed. And the reality now is single motherhood, single parenthood, gay families and so forth. And yet the Washingtonian magazine, of all the people they could hire — now, granted, it’s about Washington — but everything in this story runs counter to what the Democrats sponsor and promote all over the rest of the country, which illustrates that if they want to live a Beaver Cleaver lifestyle, the Democrat Party leaders, they will, but you can’t and nobody else should.



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