The Break-Up of the American Family Can Be Traced Directly Back to Liberalism

Liberals base things on feelings instead of what is right.
Check it out:

Well, look, that argument that he made is irrefutable when applied certain people. He’s basically saying that the breakup of the traditional family causes it. He’s focused on lack of father ’cause they’re the ones that vamanos mostly and the government comes right in and assumes the role of father — and it doesn’t just affect young boys, Eric. Single women likewise end up looking at government as provider, protector, you name it.

None of the rest matters. You exactly right. “Constitution? The hell with that! Free speech? I don’t care! Where is my phone? I don’t care! Where are my food stamps or whatever. I mean, you gotta eat, and you’ve got to live, and I don’t care about the Fourth Amendment and searches and seizures. I don’t care! Where am I gonna get my whatever?” So I know. That’s also by design, by the way.

The breakup of the family, you can trace it. You can trace this. You can trace it right back to 1964 and the Great Society and Lyndon Johnson. You can trace it. You can trace the bust-up of the family — you can trace the dissolution of black families, you can trace the rampant increase in poverty, you can trace the amount of money that has been transferred to deal with these inequalities and inequities — and you will see that all of this “charity” quote/unquote has just given rise to the need for more of it.

It hasn’t solved anything.



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