Time to try conservative leadership.
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The reading of political tea leaves is one of Washington’s most popular parlor games.

And when it comes to the future of House Speaker John Boehner, political soothsayers are busy divining patterns in tea leaves, wine sediments and coffee grounds to determine whether the Ohio Republican will stick around for another term. Questions are rampant as to whether Boehner could decide to leave on his own accord or be shoved out the door by a cabal of upstart conservatives intent to flip the House of Representatives on its ear.

This tasseography involving the speaker’s gavel takes on many forms. The Capitol Hill clairvoyants interpreted the following events as harbingers that Boehner is sure to soon hang it up:

In December, the Ohio Republican took the rare step of blistering conservative advocacy groups like the Club for Growth and Heritage Foundation. Those organizations routinely pelt Republican offices with messages about how to vote on key issues. And Boehner had enough.

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