Biden to Boston: “It Was Worth it”


One minute into his speech Biden tells terrorist victims it was worth it.

How does anyone think this much less have the disregard to say it?

Some will try to explain this away, but you can judge for yourself and see our Vice Moron in Chief shove both feet down completely.

Check it out:


He wasn’t done sticking his foot in his mouth though:

“You have inspired, in this great city, and even though I am not a Boston fan, I love you guys, man. what, what an incredible city. It really is. You are an incredible, Incredible city, and I know politicians are not supposed to say that, that you are not a Red Sox fan, and where I come from if you are Red Sox fan you get the hell kicked out of you. There was good reason not to be a Red Sox fan. You know you have become a face of American resolve”

Watch it for yourself:



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