Barbara Boxer on UN Global Warming Report: I Can See Climate Change from My House

How these idiots get away with such preposterous statements is beyond me.
Check it out:

The UN’s latest report from the international planetary committee on climate, whatever, IPCC, whatever the hell it stands for — doesn’t matter to me — their latest report’s out and it’s the biggest scaremongering global warming report. Nobody will be spared, folks. In fact, because this is the scariest climate prediction ever, do you realize that we will experience a global surge in the number of golfers? Climate change would increase boating, golfing, and beach recreation at the expense of skiing. There would even be an increase in golf in Canada due to climate change, and that is supposed to panic us.

We’re supposed to hear that: “No, no, no, wait a minute, you mean there’s gonna be all that much more golf? There’s no way!” These people don’t know what they’re talking about. Golf is in trouble, if you want to know the truth about it. Major golfing organizations are trying to figure out what they can do to attract more people to the game because they’re not holding people’s interest in the game. They’re in a little trouble. And these guys — I mean, this is how absurd. Nobody will be spared. We’re all gonna die. We’re all gonna suffer. Oh, it’s gonna be horrible.

You know, by now this has become a laughingstock. Speaking of which, Barbara Boxer, she serves on the US Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. And what is the date for this release? March 30th. So this is just yesterday. US Senator Barbara Boxer, Democrat, California, not to be confused with Senator Leland Yee, state senator, Democrat, San Francisco.



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