Does Alan Grayson’s Nose Slime Still Beat His Wife?

This is pretty hilarious.
Check it out:

I love politics… No, really – I do – and here’s a great example of why: A writer at Joe For recently described Congressman Alan Grayson as “nose slime,” and sensing a terrific opportunity to exploit the “Joe the Plumber” brand – Congressman Alan Grayson quickly zipped out a fundraising email denying that he is in fact, “nose slime.” First, he lies about me being the writer, then lies about himself not being nose slime? I’m not kidding!

Come on, this stuff is why I get up in the morning.. that and my little one has a runny nose. Gotta wipe up that Alan Grayson from time to time. So cute.. But such a nose slime denier he is, right?

Typical liberal. He is nose slime, we all know it and the facts are there to prove it.

But what we don’t know, is if Alan Grayson is a wife-beater. Like all abusers of women in the Democrat Party, Alan Grayson is innocent until proven ignored by the media. For Democrats and their lapdogs in the press, the “War on Women” is an exclusive club after all, reserved for only conservatives, Republicans and males in general – never a Democrat.



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