No to a United Nations for the Internet

Can you imagine this inept, incompetent, dictator filled body making the rules for the internet?
Check it out:

Here are three rules to live by for the Internet:

Keep it regulation-free;
Keep it tax-free; and
Keep it censorship-free.

All of these sensible guidelines could be jeopardized by a new Obama Administration proposal to hand over some control of Internet usage, as well as the assignation of domain names, to a World Wide Web version of the United Nations or the Law of the Sea Treaty.

This isn’t my opinion—It’s that of former President Bill Clinton and the heads of some of the most revered and financially successful Internet companies. At a Clinton Global Initiatives conference this weekend, Mr. Clinton warned that the Obama administration’s proposal could mean giving more power to “governments that want to gag people and restrict access to the Internet.” His advice: leave what has worked well enough alone.

Jimmy Wales, the president of Wikipedia, issued the same warning. One concern is that rogue nations will now have an easier time regulating content on the Web, and, subsequently, suppressing political opposition. It’s hard to find too many instances when international organizations or governing panels have stood up to human rights violations by dictators and despots.



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