Ukraine’s New Navy Chief ‘Defects’ to Russia, Is Now Wanted for Treason

What a mess. Seems like this is only going to get worse.
Check it out:

Ukrainian armed forces suffered an immediate setback on Sunday, as its new Navy Chief declared allegiance to the (now Russian-controlled) Crimea.

Rear Admiral Denys Berezovsky had been appointed only the day before, as a new Ukrainian government takes over and finds its first task defending its eastern border against encroaching Russian forces.

Berezovsky made his announcement while standing next to Sergiy Aksyonov, a locally-elected and pro-Russian prime minister, who countermanded orders from Kiev to the Ukrainian navy stationed off the coast of the Crimean peninsula. Berezovsky said he planned to “strictly obey the orders of the supreme commander of the autonomous republic of Crimea.”



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