Two-Time Obama Voter Apologizes

Is it amazing that people are still waking up.
Check it out:

CALLER: And I just wanted to say, “I apologize to you, Mr. Limbaugh, for being so stupid.”

RUSH: No, but… It’s very nice, your characterization. I appreciate it very much — i.e., the truth is what we do here — but I’m curious. What was it, do you recall? Was it a single event or was it a series of things or a progression that made you abandon your belief in the dogma?

CALLER: Well, yes. I’ll be honest to say, I voted for Obama twice out of the belief that the Republicans didn’t have anybody better to offer. And, you know, I was wrong about that. To answer your question, I started listening one day and I said, “I’m just gonna listen to what he has to say,” and I was impressed with the sound bites that backed up your position. It wasn’t that you were a spokesperson for the Republicans or libertarians or whatever. It was the truth, and I was impressed.

So I listened one day, and I automatically tuned in the next day. And I found out over the last whole year, “It’s like, this man talks the truth every day. I wish to God that my friends could listen.” I have my mother listening now. I have other friends listening. I’m constantly promoting you to everybody, and I wish I could see you on TV every night, you know, with these sound bites and everything you have to say, because it is the truth, and I really appreciate that.

RUSH: Well, I really appreciate that however you came to it, whatever the catalyst was. Do you remember how long it took you? Whatever it was that… I mean, you just decided one day to listen, without prejudice, and it worked. It’s an ongoing challenge here, to try to reach people like you were reached. You made our day here. I can’t thank you enough. (interruption) Well, that’s right.

It’s two days in a row that we’ve had two Obama voters call in and say that they’ve changed their minds, but that’s just anecdotal. Two people. We’ll take it. It’s great. I very much appreciate, Greg, your perception, ’cause he’s absolutely right. We have a relentless, unstoppable daily pursuit of the truth here. And I do happen to be a conservative to boot, so you get an added bonus.



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