TSA pushes nationwide changes to airport security

Here’s a thought. When you check in if you’ve never been in trouble with your gun, you get to keep your gun on the plane. Making places easy targets is what these lawless wimps want.
Check it out:

The Transportation Security Administration released a 25-page report to Congress on Wednesday that includes 14 recommendations to improve airport security after a nationwide review prompted by last year’s fatal shooting at Los Angeles International Airport. Authorities say a gunman targeted TSA officers in his attack, which resulted in the agency’s first line-of-duty death. Two other officers and a passenger were wounded.

Some of TSA’s recommendations:

—Require armed law enforcement officers at security checkpoints and ticket counters during peak hours.

—Make active shooter training and exercises for TSA officers mandatory; airports should also conduct twice yearly active shooter training and exercises.

—TSA supervisors should mention emergency procedures to staff at the beginning of each shift and have evacuation drills twice a year.



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