It’s a Trick: Obamacare Provides Insurance Companies with Sneaky Ways Out of Covering Pre-existing Conditions

Obama is a trick. Liberalism is a lie. The American people have been fooled.
Check it out:

We’ve got a number, again, of devastating stories about what is happening to people — in this case, their premiums — and cancer patients with Obamacare. The short version of this is Obamacare premiums are skyrocketing all over the place.

The second phase is that people are beginning to learn that fewer and fewer hospitals that treat cancer patients are part of their network. This touches on people who believe that they are being covered with a pre-existing condition. They are learning that there is a very big out for the Regime and for insurance companies on pre-existing conditions.

It is that if you’ve got, let’s say, cancer, and you are to be covered because you are covered under the pre-existing condition clause of Obamacare. Well, if they discover that you have a heart ailment, for example, that will disqualify your coverage for cancer. We told you that story yesterday. Well, it’s just in the law. It’s just in there.

It’s as though, “Yeah, we grant you pre-existing condition coverage for cancer, but you didn’t tell us you had a heart problem, and that nullifies it.” It’s an out built in so that the Regime doesn’t have to cover pre-existing conditions, is essentially what it is. Point is, people are now learning this. The Regime is permitting it. The Regime not only is acting as an evil insurance company, they are enabling insurance companies to be more evil.



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