This little boy has brought a community together and inspired them to greatness. I hope you will share his story and help them out if you can.
Check it out:

Gavin Morris was born on August 24, 2009 to Chad and Tosha Morris. He was always a healthy, happy, little boy. Gavin immediately became the center of Tosha and Chad’s world. No child could have ever been more loved.

On August 15, 2011 Chad and Tosha were blessed with another beautiful, healthy son they named Greyson. Gavin was thrilled and is a wonderful big brother to Greyson.
In May ’12, Gavin had what the doctors thought was an ear infection. When the ear infection cleared up, but the pain continued, Tosha immediately rushed Gavin to CAMC. There a CAT Scan revealed a tumor. Gavin was sent to Columbus for further testing. Within a few days, a bone marrow biopsy confirmed everyone’s worst fears…Gavin had Stage IV Neuroblastoma.

Imagine, one day your child is a healthy happy little boy…beaming with joy and laughter and almost overnight….he is diagnosed with cancer. That is the situation Gavin and his family face.
Through it all, Gavin, Chad, and Tosha have shown remarkable strength, courage and hope. He is a child that lights up the room with his presence. A light so bright and so beautiful, that nothing will dim it. Gavin’s parents have received a diagnosis of cancer, and to almost all of us, that is unimaginable. But, they stand in hope, strength and courage—ready to fight and ready to win.

PLEASE help Gavin and his family beat this disease, once and for all. Help Gavin beat Neuroblastoma and BE GAVIN STRONG!



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