Superman is a Jewish Conspiracy!

Here I thought he was from Kansas.
Check it out:

A report from a Hezbollah-owned television station claims Jews are taking over Hollywood – and by extension, all of America – so they can rule the world.

The report about the television station’s claims comes from Israel Today, under the headline “Superman is a Jewish Conspiracy!”

Lebanon’s Al-Manar TV reported during a feature story about a week ago that the Jews are trying to rule public opinion in the U.S. “through the invention of movie characters such as Superman and other popular superheroes,” according to the report.

“Al-Manar alleged that all of Hollywood, in fact, is a Jewish invention created with the nefarious purpose of ‘taking over the world’s greatest power, controlling all aspect of her daily life and harnessing it in service to Jewish interests all over the world,’” Israel Today reported.

The television station storyline described how “American Jews felt rejected and so are trying to change American public opinion by inventing movie characters to serve as role models.”

Israel Today wrote, “To strengthen their assertions, Al-Manar spoke to a Professor Farroukh Majidi, who argued vigorously that the most dangerous thing in the world is the culture of the Jewish people, which contaminates the whole world through movies and television shows featuring heroes inspired by Jewish figures. The world, Majidi warned, must be wary of the intrusion of Jewish culture and fight against it.”



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