Struggling Postal Service Recruits Spider-Man for Ad Campaign

I like Spider-Man movies, but what a waste. How much did this cost? Maybe if USPS would work on its business instead of expensive ad campaigns, things wouldn’t be so in the toilet.
Check it out:

The debut of the most recent Spider-Man Two is a little over a month away and America is already being treated to an ad campaign pushing the Columbia Pictures, Marvel Enterprises film. But this isn’t a regular ad campaign. This ad campaign includes no less than the United States Postal Service.

In the TV commercial an urgent phone call comes in to the film studio and the executive on screen tells the caller not to worry because the US Post Office will save the day and get the film delivered on time with Priority Mail. Then, with his handy dandy Spidey webbing, Spider-Man whips the box of film off the desk of the executive and swings off to deliver the package. He delivers the film box to no less than Marvel chief Stan Lee who is manning the projection booth at the theater.

On its website, the Post Office tells us, “We’re teaming up with one of summer’s most exciting movies to bring you the speed, agility, and reliability you expect from domestic Priority Mail® — with a superhero twist. Order free Amazing Spider-Man 2 Priority Mail Flat Rate® Boxes delivered right to your door. As always, you’ll get a specified delivery date1, USPS Tracking™, and free insurance for most shipments valued up to $50.”
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