Show Me Where the Constitution Says Gay Marriage is a Right

Liberals try and rewrite the constitution all the time.
Check it out:

A recent survey conducted by ABC News and the Washington Post reveals the woeful ignorance of Americans when it comes to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The poll also shows many Americans believe the government has the right to use violence to force business owners to service gays, even if a business owner opposes providing service on religious grounds or, for that matter, any other grounds.

“Most oppose a right to refuse service to gays, including on religious grounds. And, by a closer margin, more also accept than reject gay marriage as a constitutional right,” ABC News reports.

“81 percent say businesses should not be allowed to refuse service to gays and lesbians; 65 percent say so even if the business says homosexuality violates its owners’ religious beliefs. That refers to controversial legislation approved by the Arizona legislature but vetoed by its governor last week.”

The Constitution does not condone or forbid homosexuality. In fact, it does not discuss issues concerned with morality. Therefore all court rulings on gay rights, gay marriage or any other matter concerning sexuality are unconstitutional and illegal.

“The Bill of Rights was written to address political freedom for the people and to set limits of power for a federal government,” writes C. Howard Diaz. “I cannot stress enough that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are political documents, not a moral ones.”



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