This is certainly a mixed bag of reactions.
Check it out:

This week, O’Reilly Factor correspondent Jesse Watters traveled to the predominantly Eastern European beachfront neighborhoods of Brooklyn, N.Y.

As the famed Coney Island Cyclone was still closed for the season, he decided to head down the Boardwalk to nearby Brighton Beach, where he took the pulse of the residents in regards to the situation in Crimea, Ukraine.

Of the numerous people with which he spoke, he found that they themselves or their families had come from all across that region, from the Ukraine to Siberia, and even one man who hailed from the 2014 Olympic city of Sochi, Russia.

When asked whether she liked Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose troops have invaded the Crimean region in recent weeks, one woman responded, “Of course, I’m from Russia– I’m supposed to like him.”

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