Running Out of Ways to Characterize the Disaster That is Obamacare

The lies liberals tell about ObamaCare are getting to be hilarious.
Check it out:

Look, folks, the reason why I hesitated on the answer to the question, “Where does the money go?” Now, by law, it goes to subsidize people, people that can’t afford it. But the fact of the matter is, the news is out today that the administrative costs of Obamacare are twice what they’re taking in from everybody, be it people signing up and paying, be it people paying fines. It’s like everything else. The money coming in is dwarfed by the amount of money going out and the amount of money being spent.

I’ve got the story somewhere here in the Stack. I just happened to stumble on it. “Obamacare’s Regulatory Costs More than Double Benefits.” Right there in The Daily Caller. “The annual cost of Obamacare regulations –” this is just the regulations. This is not even the $900 billion it supposedly is gonna cost. The regulations, the annual costs of Obamacare religions came in at almost $7 billion a year so far. That’s two and a half times the total benefits of these regulations. It’s just insane. It’s absurd.

“The federal government’s estimates of Obamacare’s regulatory ‘benefits’ — what they project in increased efficiency or productivity due to streamlined processes and standards — clock in at just $2.6 billion annually, as opposed to the cost of complying with all those regulations, which is almost $7 billion.”

I mean, this is beyond describing. Let me see if I can translate this for you. Clear the official broadcast. We said we’re gonna do it to lower costs. There isn’t a person that voted for this that thought it was gonna lower costs. There’s not one Democrat that voted for this that thought it was gonna lower costs. They said so, they all said it would. I mean, Obama lied through his teeth. How many times: “Your premium is gonna come down $2,500. Keep your doctor; keep your plan.” Strict across-the-board lies.



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