Rick Perry Calls for Return to Federalism Led by Red States

What a speech. Something tells me he is in for 2016.
Check it out:

Rick Perry, the Republican governor of Texas, called for a return to federalism on Friday in a speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference. Quoting Thomas Jefferson, Perry said, “It’s time for a little rebellion on the battlefield of ideas… instead of looking to Washington, look to the states.”

The states, Perry argued, are “laboratories of innovation.” It is time to elect national leaders “who devolve power to the states, not rob them of it.”

“It is time for Washington to focus on the few things the constitution establishes as the federal government’s role,” Perry told the receptive crowd. The federal government should “get out of the health care business…get out of the education business… [and] stop hammering industry.”
According to Perry, there are two visions of America at the state level.

In blue states, Perry said, taxes are out of control and jobs are fleeing. In red states, “freedom of the individual comes first. Taxes are low, spending is under control, and jobs are on the rise.”



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