Why I Refuse to Throw in the Towel

If we give up, we doom ourselves to tyranny.
Check it out:

Here’s the thing about this. I’m not gonna sit here and exist in denial. We have reached a point — we have to be realistic here. We can’t honestly say that all of this is gonna turn around in one election. Let’s say the Republicans win the White House. That’s not single-handedly going to be what turns this around. Democrats lose the Senate, we win with the House. I’m still not sure that the Republicans want to win the Senate. It’s much easier to be in the minority where you have no responsibility. It’s much easier where you don’t have to come up with the agenda that is reform. It’s much easier to sit there and say there’s nothing we can do; we’re in the minority. That’s a side issue.

I think we’re at a point here, we’re in deep. I don’t want anybody to be misled with my optimism. The end of the Obama presidency is not gonna be magic. It’s gonna be big in one characteristic, though. It’s gonna end this paralysis of criticism that everybody is suffering. The second thing, I touched on it earlier, when you look at the Dakotas where the fracking is going on and Texas, the states hold the key, I believe. If you say, and a caller did, that Washington is not responsive, that Washington does not seem interested in fixing this or reforming it, may be. But the states are. The states can’t print money. The states cannot do what the federal government can do. They have to actually abide by a whole different set of rules and laws. So there are a lot of things that have to happen.

I’m not pie-in-the-sky here. But enough things happen just on this radio show in pushing back and retarding the progress or stopping it of some of their most important issues, global warming and health care, to name a couple; there are others as well. But I think this notion that — I, too, I said it earlier, there is gonna be a generation, it may be the Millennials, a generation growing up and saying, “Wait a minute, this is not what we’re in this for. We’re not going to pay for half this country, for 92 million people to not work. We’re just not gonna do it. We’re not our parents. We’re not our grandparents. We’re not gonna do it.” I have that faith as well.



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