Rand Paul Makes Robocall for Karl Rove Group

Good move here. We need to win in the primaries and then get everyone on the same page. This special election could bring lots of momentum.
Check it out:

Sen. Rand Paul is helping Florida GOP candidate David Jolly thwart a Libertarian rival polling at four to seven percent, recording a robocall that touts Jolly as someone who wants to “ensure you, not the government, are making decisions for you and your family.”

The call, funded by American Crossroads, a group former Bush aide Karl Rove helped found, will go out to about 20,000 households. The targets of the call are potential supporters of Lucas Overby, a Libertarian candidate who could take votes from GOP candidate Jolly.

“We need to make sure that Lucas Overby does not become a spoiler that gives Nancy Pelosi one more vote in the House. And no one in the center right has more gravitas to help here than Senator Rand Paul,” Steven Law, president and CEO of American Crossroads, said in a written statement to Breitbart News.

The special election on Tuesday is seen as a potential bellwether for how potent a political issue Obamacare will be in the midterm elections.



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