Proves How Little Left Knows About Business

Liberals think business is a government program.
Check it out:

Checking Breitbart News before bed last night (I’m both an employee and a fan), I thought I knew exactly what had happened based on the headline of Matthew Boyle’s story about Matt Drudge paying a “Liberty Tax.” Based on a previous tweet, I was already aware that Drudge was not going to enroll in ObamaCare. Therefore, I simply assumed he had filed his quarterly business taxes in advance, used Twitter to announce he had chosen to pay the ObamaCare fine, and in turn this had caused outrage from the Obama White House and Left.

What I didn’t expect was for them to declare their own astonishing ignorance of how business works by calling Drudge a liar.

But that is exactly what they did. Jesse Lee, Director of Progressive Media at Barack Obama’s White House, Talking Points Memo, The Huffington Post, an employee for the National Journal… All of them, full of their own sanctimonious indignation, couldn’t wait to accuse Drudge of lying. Huffing and puffing, they incorrectly told their readers and/or Twitter followers that Drudge had to be lying because there was no ObamaCare penalty last year.



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