Pro-Russian Forces Capture Ukraine Navy Headquarters in Sevastopol

It is amazing that a full blown war hasn’t broke out.
Check it out:

After Crimea declared independence from Ukraine on March 17, the government said they would seize all Ukrainian property and disband the Ukrainian military in the peninsula. They are keeping their word, as Crimean forces took control of Ukraine’s Navy headquarters in Sevastopol on Wednesday.

On Wednesday morning, irregular local militia members entered the naval headquarters, which was then paid a visit by the head of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet. Shortly afterwards, a number of Ukrainian soldiers walked out looking solemn, carrying their belongings in plastic bags.

A representative of the so-called self-defence units said they had carried out an operation to liberate soldiers held captive. “We wanted to set free the prisoners in the base that are being illegitimately held there by their commander,” said Vladimir Melnik, who said he was the head of a local self-defence unit. He said a criminal case would be opened against the commander.



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