Did President Obama Lie His Way Into the White House?

A shorter list would be things Obama tells the truth about.
Check it out:

Any first-year law student understands a contract is an agreement, a meeting of the minds between the parties.

If fraud is underlying the contract, it is null and void, invalidated, not enforced.

The question: Did Barack Obama lie his way into the White House? And if so, has a fraud been committed against you? And does it even matter?

It was during a very heated campaign in 2012 that President Obama and his sycophants sold us that bill of goods about a flash mob and hateful video causing the massacre of four Americans, including the president’s personal appointee in Benghazi, Ambassador Chris Stevens. That was a lie and they knew it.

And then another lie: ObamaCare. The president swears that we can keep our doctors and our health care plans if we like them.

The fraud continued when Obama – President Obama – belittled then-candidate Mitt Romney.



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