President Clinton and President Obama Promised to Protect Disarmed Ukraine

Liberals say things all the time without backing their words up.
Check it out:

I want to close the loop on this Ukraine thing, get into the IRS, and then come back to Ukraine with more details on what’s happening. But just to remind you, ’cause I think this is huge. I think Ukraine bought it hook, line, and sinker. They gave up their military. They had a nuclear arsenal. They gave it up in exchange for a promise that their borders would not be invaded and their sovereignty would remain intact.

Putin wasn’t a signatory, but Boris Yeltsin was, and he signed for the Russian Federation, which is still the governing body before Putin puts the Soviet Union back together. It was Bill Clinton that got the whole thing started, and this whole thing was reaffirmed in 2009. Now, the UK Daily Mail today adds information to this. Their headline is: “Flashback: Senator Obama Pushed Bill That Helped Destroy More Than 15,000 TONS of Ammunition, 400,000 Small Arms and 1,000 Anti-Aircraft Missiles in Ukraine.”

In addition to the gutting of the military and getting rid of the nukes, it was Obama as a senator who pushed legislation that further weakened Ukraine. From the article: “As a US senator, Barack Obama won $48 million in federal funding to help Ukraine destroy thousands of tons of guns and ammunition — weapons which are now unavailable to the Ukrainian army as it faces down Russian President Vladimir Putin during his invasion of Crimea.”

Because they don’t really have an army, not much of one. They gutted it. They didn’t get rid of it; they just gutted it — all on the assurance, reaffirmed again in 2009 by Obama. Obama reassured them. This was as president. It was as a senator that he engaged in legislation that further weakened them. In 2009 he reaffirmed, “Don’t worry, we will protect you — and so will the ChiComs, and so will the UK, and the Russians have promised that they will not invade you.”

That’s all out the window now, and the media is not reporting that.



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