The Prankster vs. the Gangster

Obama isn’t even in the same league.
Check it out:

An angry KGB guy is something we don’t want to deal with. A KGB guy in his natural state, bad enough, but now he’s spent all this money being noticed for his big moment on the world stage, reassembling the Soviet Union, and nobody is seeing it, which means, folks, that he’s going to have to amp it up. He’s going to have to do even more to call attention to himself and get the media focused on him. Well, maybe he could find the plane and be done with it. Maybe Russian technology could be that which finds the plane, who knows. He’s gotta do something. Obviously annexing Ukraine and Crimea, not enough. He could take over Poland. Hell, he could make a move on Germany. I mean, any number of things, but I’m just telling you, Putin has spent a lot of time and a lot of money — well, the Olympics, all to get noticed and he can’t bump this Malaysian airline off the front page.

Hell, the Botox injections alone, folks. I mean, even when you have the government to pay for it, it still is a lot of money. He’s up to Pelosi’s spending levels by now, I would think. But then again, Putin of all people should understand. I mean, just like in his country, our news media know that their primary job is to protect the Regime. He understands this. He understands the media here’s job is to protect the Regime, and it’s much better to devote wall-to-wall coverage on a story nobody has a shred of information about than having to report on Obama’s obvious humiliation at the hands of comrade Putin. But I’ve got stories and they’re laughing at him. They’re laughing at our president.

ABC News: “Russian Deputy PM Laughs at Obama’s Sanctions — Russia’s deputy prime minister laughed off President Obama’s sanction against him today asking ‘Comrade @BarackObama’ if ‘some prankster’ came up with the list. The [Regime] hit 11 Russian and Ukrainian officials with sanctions today as punishment for Russia’s support of Crimea’s referendum.

“Among them: Aides to President Vladimir Putin, a top government official, senior lawmakers, Crimean officials, the ousted president of Ukraine, and a Ukrainian politician and businessman allegedly tied to violence against protesters in Kiev.” All have been sanctioned by the Regime. What does that mean? How do you sanction an individual? I guess you tell ’em, “You’re sanctioned!”



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