Liberals and logic don’t mix.
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CNN. I think we need, perhaps, ladies and gentlemen, to put a suicide watch on the whole network. Because the prime minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak, called a press conference at ten o’clock this morning Eastern time to announce that (because of never-before- used investigative techniques) they have been able to confirm that Malaysian Flight 370 did indeed end up in a place it had no place being.

Nobody has any idea how it got there, but it is that area in the Indian Ocean four hours southeast of Perth, Australia. They say it’s the airplane because they found round objects floating on the ocean surface, and you wouldn’t have anything on a sizable boat that would be round. The hull wouldn’t be round. But an airplane fuselage or engine cowling would all be oval-shaped or round, so they are assuming that it is the airplane.

Now, CNN is just… I predicted last week and the week before that when this day came, CNN would not accept it and would by no means stop. In fact, they have pulled in their prime time superstars to be anchoring their coverage during the… Well, I guess the prime time superstars I guess now went to lunch because the regularly scheduled people are on there now. Before we get into all that, I want to take you back to March 14th, ten days ago. I made a joke, and, as so often is the case, when I made a joke about liberals, damned if it doesn’t come true.

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